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All of our wedding stretch limos and party buses are late-models and come with fully stocked bars, laser lights, music system, plasma TVs and plush interiors; and our friendly staff will be happy to help with the fine details, special requests and decoration to make your event a success and most pleasurable for yourself and your guests. DC Wedding Limo provides a professional wedding service so you’re most important event is a unique experience to cherish for a lifetime.


Our DC Wedding Limo Service has the legendary history of providing service to our customers as we have provided the rental services for 100’s of weddings in DC, VA and MD over many years and by choosing DC Wedding Limo you can cover all your wedding transportation needs in style and for the lowest rates in the region for the quality services provided. We guarantee you that we are cut above the rest, call us today for details, availability of vehicles and booking, and don’t forget to ask about our specials and package deals, our friendly reservationists will be happy to assist with all arrangements including multiple stops, decoration and even reservations.

10 Tips to Travel in Style in a Wedding Limo Service

Before we get down to business, congratulations are in order. Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life where you’ll not only get to marry the person you love, but also be surrounded by friends and family who love you to the moon and back.  If this day is only a few weeks away, you will have already decided on the perfect dress, shoes, flowers and menu. But have you ever thought about your getaway car? With all these preparations at hand, you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to travel in style would you? The truth is that if you really want a memorable wedding, you have no choice but to hire a wedding limo. These limousines which are now being provided by hundreds of company in Washington are your best and only choice when you want to show your spouse that you really care about them.

However, finding the right limousine service is not always easy. With so many companies claiming to be the best, how do you separate one and know that it really is the right choice? Though the answer to this question is a little tough and challenging, it does exist.  If you have a few weeks for your wedding, now is the right time to search for the limo service because if you start looking at the end, you will end up with a very bad limo.

So make the right decision and instead of rushing into thing, consider the tips in this comprehensive guide and choose the limousine providers accordingly. Remember, the Internet is your best friend so you must give priority to research. Now that we have you hooked, let’s start reading those valuable tips.

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#1 Tip: Know What You Need

Before you switch on your laptop and start typing ‘limo service’ on a search engine, make sure you know what you need. Sit down with your spouse (or do it on your own if you want to keep it a surprise), and list down all the things which you will need in the limo. Here are a few factors which you will need to consider.

  • Decide on the number of people who will be accompanying you and your soon-to-be spouse. A good wedding limo service will always have limousines which can occupy up to 50 people. So if you plan to take most of your wedding guests to a party, these are the sort of services which you should go for.
  • The entertainment which is being provided is extremely important when you really want to impress your spouse and guests. Make sure the service has fully stocked bars, music system, plasma and laser lights so you can enjoy to the fullest. List down the number of things you will require and can’t go about because some services are accommodating enough to add extra features if needed.
  • Before you end up renting a limo which is way too expensive, always write down the budget which you can spare for the limo. Remember to be wise about this because you can’t really find a limo which costs $50 and expect it to also provide luxury services.
  • Finally, you also have to decide the time duration during which you will be renting the limo. This is important because the price you pay will depend on this factor among others. It will matter if you need the transportation service for 2 or 4 hours because the company will charge accordingly.

#2 Tip: Look for Licenses and Certification

One of the most important things that couples miss in their frenzy of wedding preparations is to ask for licenses and certifications. Every company operating in Washington must hold a license for their service. These licenses and certifications numbers will indicate that the business has been approved by the government and has been marked as safe. To be sure, you can also call the authoritative company and ask them if they have any bad records of the service or their limos. Remember that your safety is of utmost importance and ignoring this factor will only get you into trouble. So make the right choice and ask the service for proof of licenses and certifications.

#3 Tip: Consider Experience

When deciding on a wedding transportation service, you must always be careful to choose a company which has prior experience. Renting limousine cars, maintaining them and hiring the best drivers takes experience. If you make the mistake of going for an inexperienced service, you will end up with a driver who doesn’t know what to do if the limo suddenly breaks down. In fact, be especially careful when you want to hire a limo for your wedding because not all companies will cater to weddings. Nothing can beat the experience of these companies because they will know everything from the best cars to the most professional of drivers. The best thing to do would be to ask the limo service the years of experience they have in dealing with wedding groups. This will give you a good idea about their wedding services and you can even ask them to give you references so you can ask around. But we’ll cover that topic in another tip.

#4 Tip: Number of Cars in Fleet

When you go to a limo service, you must always decide on one which has many different types of vehicles. The most experienced and professional companies will have stretch limos, party buses, custom-built trolleys, stretch SUVs and shuttle buses. Though smaller companies will have fewer choices, you need to pick one which has at least 4-5 cars available. Moreover, before you strike a deal, remember to ask the company to show you the car because it’s better to see the limo beforehand. After all, the last thing you would want is to be disappointed when the car finally arrives. When you are looking at the car, make sure both the interior as well as the exterior are exceptionally clean because you wouldn’t want to pay a handsome amount for a dirty limo.

#5 Tip: Properly Trained Chauffer

Your safety will not only depend on the affordable wedding transportation but also on the chauffer who is driving. The company you are renting the car from should be especially careful about the people they hire as their drivers. Make it a point to ask to meet the driver because it will tell you a lot about him. Ask about his driving experiences and style to get a picture of what he is like as a driver. Furthermore, never ignore insurance when you are looking to a limo service because it is most important. You can also conduct research online to see the standard insurance coverage of limo services so you know what the company you are opting for must deliver. Make sure the company and its cars are insured so you are covered in an unfortunate event. Though these details may look small, looking into them will give you the peace of mind that you are travelling safe.

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#6 Tip: Check for Online Reputation

As stated earlier, online research is crucial when you are looking for a good and professional limo service. Experts recommend that you choose a limo provider who has an exceptionally good reputation online. Researching for these companies on the Internet will tell you about their service delivery, condition of cars, professionalism and drivers. Meanwhile, you can also browse the company’s webpage to make sure that it has been properly developed and updated because every service should focus on their online address in this digital age. You can also find out a lot of customer reviews on the Internet about various companies and this will give you a good idea about who you can trust and you can’t.

#7 Tip: Define the Purpose of Your Limo

The wedding limo that you are planning to rent out will serve a purpose. It will either be a ride for your bride to sit in and come to the wedding, or serve as a club for you, your spouses and your friends and family members to have some fun. While some people only rent limos to transport brides from their homes to church, others like to include the limousine in pictures so they can make the entire day more memorable. You can also focus your efforts on the kind of wedding you are having and aiming to rent a limo which matches the theme. For instance, if you are having a grand and romantic wedding, a Bentley limousine would be just the way to go.

#8 Tip: Always Look for References

References and testimonials are really very important when looking for a good limo service.  Don’t take the word of mouth lightly because it will make the difference in hiring the best or the worst provider. Before you start asking the company for a reference, make sure you ask around your own neighborhood. Friends, family member and co-workers can be a good source of information and they can tell you if a particular service made them happy or not. Though these referrals are the best way to find a good company, you can also ask the service itself to provide you with references and testimonials. Remember that though there is a trend of creating fake testimonials, talking to an actual customer will help clear the picture.

Take your time for this particular step because it will make a world of difference when the limo finally arrives and you start your journey.

#9 Tip: Price is Important

While there are both good and bad limo services, you will find that many professional ones offer their services for a very budget friendly rate. Beware of companies that add in an extra fee for the features that you use during your trip because this is one of their ways to get money from you. Some things which are added in these are fuel surcharges, tolls, gratuity for the chauffer and other costs. Ideally, the package which you are presented with should be an all-inclusive so you don’t get surprised at the end of the day. Once again, don’t forget to decide on your time duration because while some companies charge by the hour, others charge by day and that could end up costing a lot especially if you don’t want the limo for a long time.

If you have picked out 3-4 companies that you like and which your gut agrees with, compare their price and make the final decision. Remember that there are many companies that offer discounts and promotions as well so don’t miss out on them you want really good wedding limos.

#10 Tip: Follow Everything Religiously

Finally, when all is said and done, it is time for you to implement everything that has been said here. Though it may seem overwhelming to go through so many things simply to rent a limo, these are the things which will make the difference. So if you really want to impress your bride and guests, make sure that you go through and implement each and every one of these tips. All the features mentioned here are important so don’t make the mistake of missing anything out simple because you think it isn’t worth it. Stick to the plan and you are good to go.

There are several wedding transportation ideas which you could go for. As long as you obey the rules and stay on track, you will be able to find the best service possible. This day will prove to be one of your most important days, so don’t miss out on the chance to make it even more special, entertaining and magical for you and your spouse. Remember that one small effort will make a lot of difference so don’t think about going that extra mile to impress your spouse because you won’t ever get a chance like this again.

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