There really isn’t any point thinking about how awful the rehearsal dinners was when heading back home in your DC Limo Service

What has been done has been done. But thinking what you could have done to stop those blunders from happening is a waste of time now. If you don’t want to be this lady in the DC wedding limo rental and throw a tantrum as soon as you go home, here is a list of four things that really angers everyone during rehearsal dinners.

1. Putting The Financial Burden on the Groom’s Side:

According to the latest wedding trends of 2017, it isn’t only the groom’s side that has to bear all the burdens of a rehearsal dinner. To avoid any financial fiasco and misunderstandings, it is best to talk it out who will pay for what weeks before the rehearsal dinner.

2. Awkward Speeches:

Many a times, the only person who thinks they have delivered a great speech is themselves. Offending someone on such and important night will surely turn off everyone’s mood. As a bride, please tell everyone planning to throw a toast to keep it sophisticated.

3. Seating Rivals Together:

When it comes to weddings; seating matters. Know you are you seating next to whom as we can assure you that Aunt Susan wouldn’t want to sit beside Uncle Gary after that 1999 incident.

4. Not Arranging For Guest Transport:

If a majority of your guest list for the rehearsal dinner involves guests who are visiting from out of town, it is your duty to take into consideration the fact tat they will need some means of commute to get to the venue. Book them DC Wedding Limo or a limo service near me to facilitate them.

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